Self Study Voice Over

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Lisa's self-study voiceover courses are recorded LIVE during real class sessions with real voice actors - you'll get to watch, listen and follow along with included scripts and reference materials.

  • Learn to Love LinkedIn

    Learn to Love LinkedIn

    Lisa and Noelle show you how to optimize LinkedIn to build relationships with prospective voiceover clients & build you business via the power of this incredible platform.

  • Making Money Sounding Funny

    Making Money Sounding Funny

    Lisa teaches you how to navigate the great big world of animation & character VO, taking you inside this globally-accessible niche of the voiceover industry. Learn how to book animation and high-profile character voiceover work from wherever you live…

  • Make More Money in Voice Over

    Make More Money in Voice Over

    Lisa guides you through a frank discussion on making more money with your voiceover career. She’ll show you real, workable ways to find more work and bring in more $$ - from marketing strategies to real-life reachouts, leveraging social media to your advantage and SO MUCH MORE ++

  • Boolean Search Skills

    Boolean Search Skills

    Lisa shows you how to properly search the internet using boolean search terms, helping you find the people you need to find and the jobs you’re perfect for. Don’t just google it - find exactly the results you’re after using logic-based terminology.

  • VO Imposter Syndrome

    VO Imposter Syndrome

    Do you have moments when you feel like you just don’t belong in the voiceover industry? Lisa guides you through those feelings and helps you bust successfully through walls like the kool-aid guy, and get out of your own way…

  • Laugh On Demand

    Laugh On Demand

    Join Lisa for fun-filled technique class focused on laughing behind the mic. She’ll guide you through the physical aspects of creating believable laughter on demand, for various voiceover situations. Practice your laughing with others and focus on what makes a great giggle!

  • Discover Your Voiceover Superpower

    Discover Your Voiceover Superpower

    Lisa will help you find what makes you and your voice so valuable: its uniqueness. She’ll cover focused, concrete steps that will help you discover & elevate your special skills, putting them to work for your business.

  • Voice Acting for Animation

    Voice Acting for Animation

    Lisa takes you through the process of creating your personal, bookable character voice bank. Learn how to create & sustain your characters, develop bookable voices, Increase your expressive range, Refine your auditions, Create a character grid, and so much MORE ++



Voiceover TRAINING for kids & adults

Lisa Biggs teaches online voice over for students of all ages, at all levels of voice over. Join a Class, catch a Livestream or Book a Strategy Session with Lisa and elevate your voiceover career!

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