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  • When I decided I wanted to do a K-12 eLearning demo, the first person I thought of was Lisa! What a joy it is working her. She is honest and encouraging and so tireless! I love, love, love, my new demo! The things I admire most about Lisa are her generosity, sense of humor, transparency, candor, thoughtfulness, and her heart. I could go on an on. Lisa, you are the bomb!

  • Lisa & her Eartoons team has empowered me! I can now market with ease thanks to a kick-awesome demo & marketing classes spanning a huge number of subjects. The community she has built is not only one of the most caring and supportive, it is also the most pink and inclusive! Thank you Lisa & Team for making such an impact!

  • I so appreciate Lisa's webinars during a time when the world is upside-down. She is relatable, informative, and has an open heart to help those of us who are starting our journey. I am thankful for all of Lisa's help in opening my mind to new ideas and giving me the courage to pursue my dream.

  • Lisa's webinars are so informative, and so much fun! I have learned more about the business than I ever could have imagined, and had a great time doing it!

  • BIGG TALENT and even BIGGER HEART! Working with Lisa Biggs is always a treat! Her online coaching sessions are filled with joy, laughter and top notch coaching. In Lisa's classes, I feel safe to explore my vocal range, character choices and go BIGG! Lisa is a kind, genuine, encouraging, and generous coach. She is extremely talented and is able to communicate her wealth of knowledge easily to others!

  • Lisa Biggs is a talented Voice Over Actor, director, coach and producer who continuously and generously shares her knowledge and skills, She offers excellent webinars, hosting industry leaders in all aspects of the business that range from from free to affordable. She has created a community of Women in Voice Over on social media that supports sharing of knowledge from followers all over the globe. Her fabulous Voxy Summit, annual women in Voice Over conferences have been a treasure of networking, learning and bonding for all who participate. Lisa just produced a K12 e-learning demo for me that was a blast to make, turned out great and my agent loved it!  She really knows her stuff especially in the arena of kids education and entertainment. On top of her endless generosity, warm heart, kind persona, and hilarious sense of humor and charm, Lisa Biggs is adorable inside and out.  Her creativity knows no bounds!

  • Lisa’s generosity’s to the voiceover industry is unending. She has offered so many webinars that have been informative, fun and engaging. She even records these webinars so I can listen to them again and again.
    Her enthusiasm for voiceover is contagious. She approaches change with excitement, not fear nor hesitation, and that enthusiasm carries forward. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, to offer words of encouragement and always has a new idea for me to try.

    Lisa is the real deal. She’s a smart and caring coach, a talented artist and businesswoman who can catapult your career to the next level.

  • Throughout my previous coaching many people kept saying... you should look up Lisa Biggs- now I know why! I am very grateful for her willingness to share her expertise in so many different categories of VO. Fantastic information, sage advice and always a shot of encouragement. She is so generous with her time, it's obvious that VO is her passion and it just bubbles out. Despite being professionally trained, I've learned so much and hope to learn much more.

  • I connected with Lisa for a set of training sessions - she truly went above and beyond my expectations. She is so kind, thoughtful, and makes the sessions fun and playful. She gives so much to the VO community, it's a pleasure working with her. I love her webinars and how they touch on every level of the VO business and bring in other talents to present on their passions.

  • Lisa brings out a part of me that got lost over the years. I love the characters that bubble out of me because of her training. It can be scary but that is always overpowered by the fun! I feel blessed that you are a part of my life, Lisa.

  • Lisa provides irrepressible community spirit and opportunity to connect with peers, in a field where we are otherwise separated in tiny private boxes. Not only thorough in advice on technique and equipment, Lisa freely gives advanced business strategy and interpersonal skills derived from the likes of Gladwell and Carnegie. To know her is to be enriched by her.

  • OMG! Lisa has the biggest heart! I can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative I am of how she gives back to the voice over community. I have learned so much from her through her webinars and workouts. Not only does she have the sweetest voice, she’s pretty darn talented and so much fun! Thanks for all you do, Lisa.

  • OMG! Lisa and her team are THE. BEST! Lisa has been almost clairvoyant in helping me. I've often booked one thing with her and it ends up taking this magical turn where she gives you more than you ever even thought to ask for. Not only is a working pro (and I think that's an important thing to point out right now...Lisa is actually a WORKING VO!) but she has one of the biggest hearts I've encountered overall but especially in VO. She's not pretentious. She's not a "seller"....she just HAS this knowledge and a desire to share it. She's worth way more than just a kids VO or coach. Lisa is all around freakin FABULOUS! Don't get me started on her free classes/trainings/support. Just sign up and feel the fun and love. She's like the best of hugs on rotten day. :)

  • Lisa's passion and knowledge of the Voice Over industry is unparalleled. I can't believe how much I've learned from her workshops and can't wait to make silly voices for fun and money! Keep up the extraordinary work Lisa!

  • Lisa has been an invaluable mentor, friend and role model and a big reason why I can do Voiceover full-time. From her incredibly generous webinars to producing my newest demos, she has given me nuggets of wisdom that has allowed me to dive head first into my dream job! Above all, her resourcefulness and refreshing approach to business takes the fear out of being a business owner. 10/10 would recommend to anyone!

  • I have taken 3 webinars with Lisa these past 6 week and all have been awesome! Two of them were graciously given for free! Thank you Lisa for your inspiring motivation and interest in us VO Peeps!

  • When I have a coaching session with Lisa, I get more callbacks. She has the ability to bring nuances out of my voice I didn't know I had. And she's constantly giving great tips about the business, always with a smile and that great giggle.

  • Lisa's webinars are bursting with great content! Also they don't feel like a boring 'business webinar'. I really enjoy learning from a pro who knows her stuff and doesn't take things too seriously. 5 stars, 3 cheers and 2 thumbs up!

  • Not only has Lisa been a critical resource for my early development as a voice actor, but she has also brought together a broad community of professionals to provide expert guidance and mentoring for countless people. Lisa is a true professional!

  • Lisa is an amazing coach and demo producer. She is so generous with her knowledge and expertise. She is one of those rare people who walks her talk. She provides tremendous value to our industry and is all about building up other VO talents. I mean, the demos she produces speak for itself. She makes the sessions fun and lively and as one of her VO coaching clients,, I walked away more confident and excited at my possibilities :-) Thank you Lisa!!

  • Lisa is an amazing VO coach! I love the energy she brings to every session and webinar. The only thing bigger than her talent is her heart!

  • I have attended 2 webinars hosted by Lisa and have not only learned so much but have truly enjoyed them. I am looking forward to more opportunities to learn from Lisa and grow my voice acting career.
    Lisa...tanks o' bunch!!

  • Lisa has cured my VO paralysis. Her informative free and affordable webinars have armed me with an arsenal of savvy marketing tactics and real step by step tasks for a work flow that puts me in control of my VO business. It’s hard work, no doubt, but she keeps it real and reachable and fun. AND, she is super generous with her time. When recording demos, she is creative, honest, and stays with you until you get it right for a polished product to make you proud. So grateful I found her!

  • Lisa Biggs has always been a wonderful source of information and inspiration. She was always willing to share ideas and help others while making the learning process fun-but now more than ever, she has been an invaluable resource that also gives me, and I'm sure so many others, something to look forward to. Her webinars are engaging, interactive, informative, and fun, and suddenly, social distancing becomes much more social. Thank you Lisa for all you are doing to help us learn and remain connected!

  • Lisa is always great with voice lesson, industry resources and with kids!
    Thanks for wonderful time during this quarantine. My son had a memorable moment again with Ms. Biggs.

  • I am so grateful to Lisa and her team, she has been such a blessing and a source of happiness and hope in these difficult times.

  • Lisa is so full of energy and passion which she constantly shares with others to spur us all on our VO journey!
    I always leave her sessions invigorated and energized to do the next right thing. There's no shortage of laughter in her webinars and she champions everyone to be their best. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to know her and gleaned from her wisdom.

  • Lisa is a talented light, full of energy and generosity! Her webinars are super informative, even for working professionals, and I love the Women in Voiceover community she has built, chock full of generous, capable and kind VO artists.

  • Lisa Biggs is a voice over superstar cutie! There is is no other way to describe the sweetest and most uplifting talent/coach/ fearless leader of Women in Voiceover. Every time I work with Lisa she makes me feel like anything is possible.

  • Not only is Lisa an incredibly talented voice actor and a savvy VO business woman, she also makes every session fun--don't be surprised if you hear yourself making sounds (hello Princess with a southern twang and a head cold!) you never knew you had in you!!

  • After working with Lisa I felt the weight of my "VO stuckness" lift up and off my brain! Her encouragement and easy to navigate direction has since kept me moving forward. Plus, she makes me laugh out loud.

  • Loved the email marketing webinar last night! Wowza, adding the recipients name in the subject line WORKS—my response rate is through the roof this morning! And I'm lovin' my shiny new email signature.

  • You. Are. The. Best.

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