Perhaps you’re standing on the corner of DYI and WTF. Perhaps you’re experiencing a season of abundance and need a little help to maintain momentum. Perhaps you’re feeling as though your voiceover well has run dry and you want a way to tap into new reserves.

Wherever you are, this class was designed to meet you where you are and help you to get to where you want to go.

Class topics include:
* Creating & publishing effective digital marketing campaigns
* Thinking outside of your voice: uniquely traditional marketing ideas
* Listbuilding shortcuts and organization for go-getters!
* Social Media networking strategies the convert to voiceover booking opportunities
* Leveraging LinkedIn - from pimping your profile to conducting Boolean Searches
* Prospective Perspective: Talk to the clients that need your awesomeness!
* Taking the chill out of cold emailing: Because templates are so 2017
* Kiss your Pay 2 Play subscriptions goodbye: Cut the cord to build your business your way

How to Make More Money Doing Voiceover

$65.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
    • Video files
    • Pdf outline
    • Includes How to Book Voiceover for Animation Self-Study Class
    • Includes Email Marketing for Voice Actors Self- Study Class
    • Includes Boolean Searches & LinkedIn Optimization Self-Study Class
    • and MORE!!

In-demand Voice Over Coach + Producer

From animation studios to big-brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa Biggs has been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades.

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