Included in demo production package:

  • 90-min Demo Strategy Session
  • Customized Script Composition
  • Two 60-minute Demo Prep Coaching Sessions
  • 1-hr Directed Demo Session
  • Professional Post-production
  • 60-min Success Strategy Session



Narration // eLearning & eLearning/Narration for Children's Education & Entertainment // Gaming Characters / Charactercentric or Niche Commercial 


* cost above does NOT include your own studio fee - we will request if you cannot record or connect directly from home or meet Lisa in her local studio.

Niche Voiceover Demo Production

Split Payments
  • 60 minute Success Strategy Session upon completion of your demo! Why? Because we believe it takes more than an awesome demo to succeed & we want to help you put your shiny new demo to work for you!

  • We love what we do! Click HERE to hear our latest demo samples...

In-demand Voice Over Actor

From animation studios to big-brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa Biggs has been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades.

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