Girls Will Be Boys – Creating "Boy Voices"

w/Lisa aka “Liam” Biggs


You know what they say, "Girls Will Be Boys"!! Double your voiceover booking opportunities by adding a marketable boy voice to your voiceover repertoire! Learn how to manipulate your voice to sound more “masculine”, helping you to create (and sustain) a convincing boy voice! Once we’ve sufficiently covered advanced vocal techniques including intonation, resonance, vocal quality, articulation, loudness level, spoken language, body language & psychology behind creating this voice - we’ll move into how to effectively market your boy voice so "he" can begin bringing home the bacon!


About Lisa: Lisa Biggs is one of the most experienced "little boys" in the industry. Liam, her signature boy voice, books heavily in every genre of voiceover. From network promos and animation, to national commercials, video games, and even text to speech. In 2017 alone, Liam has booked over 700,000 words for various narration & e-learning projects for clients around the globe.


Voice Acting - Creating Boy Voices

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In-demand Voice Over Coach + Producer

From animation studios to big-brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa Biggs has been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades.

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