Witch Audition DUE Friday 3/4 @ 9am EST

Hey friends!! I’ve got a witch audition for you! Details are below & although the rate has yet to be determined, we won't move forward with booking anyone until everyone agrees to the rate : )

This will be vo for an animatronic witch like the one you see in the 3rd video reference. They are looking for a soundalike, so please try to dial in the voice as closely as possible!

You can label your auditions YourName_Witch.mp3 & upload them to shared dropbox when you click here by 9am EST tomorrow (Friday 3/4)

Again, the is a voice match for the Witch in Snow White - as close sounding as you can get. References for voice tone/quality/etc: https://youtu.be/Kl3qXO7D9vU https://youtu.be/cB7O_JIxGuY https://youtu.be/o1hlLJV4c0o Script/Lines:

  • “Like to try one? Hmmm? Go on…go on, have a bite.”

  • “Once the apple is dipped in my brew. The sleeping death will soon seep through. (laugh)”

  • “Oh so tasty, but not for you. It’s to tempt Snow White so she’ll hunger for a bite. (laugh)”

  • “I’ll share a secret with you. This is no ordinary apple. It’s a magic wishing apple. Go on and try it…if you dare!”

  • “Hello my deary, what a delight. Now make a wish and take a bite. (laugh)”