Who's coming to the Voxy Summit?

First of all, are you coming? Because if you haven't registered yet, you should know that December is the last month to snag your spot with a deposit of $250! December is also the last month to sign up for the early bird price of $395. So, whether you wanna hold your spot for $250 & pay the remaining balance of $145 in February OR go ahead & fully register for $395, you'll need to do so before the ball drops at midnight on Dec 31st : ) This is a "micro-conference", limited to 100 female voice talent & since we're more than half full, you may want to act sooner than later b/c we'll begin heavily promoting our event this weekend b/c the clock is running out on early bird registration! Sign up at today at voxysummit.com

Sooooo....now for the moment you've all been waiting for!! Who's speaking/sharing/inspiring us at the 2019 Voxy Summit?? The list (below) is growing, so here's who we have lined up so far!!

Rachel Naylor: Voiceover artist, actor, award winning entrepreneur & Founder of The Voiceover Network & The Buzz Magazine! See: rachaelnaylor.com

Katie Leigh: Veteran Voice Actor, Voiceover Director & quite possibly the voice of your childhood! See: katieleigh.com

Steve Pogatch: Senior Audio Producer & head of voiceover talent acquisition for Pandora

Elana Dvorak: Producer & Casting Director for ListenUp Audiobooks

Kelley Buttrick: Inspiringly successful voice actor & creative genius...seriously, she is. Learn more about Kelley here: kbvoiceovers.com

Liz Atherton: Queen Bee at The Atherton Group-TAG Talent Agency!

Gabby Nistico: Crazy talented voice actor, author, career kickstarter and half of the dynamic duo that make up the VO Boss podcast. You can learn about all things Gabby here!

Jonathan Tilley: Like this guy needs an introduction, but here goes: Jonathan Tilley is an accomplished voice actor & champion for creatives around the globe. Watch his inspiring TED Talk here! Also, Jonathan is also the creator of My Content Calendar, an online course that builds your brand on Instagram 1 day at a time. Learn more about Jonathan here!

Kelly Doherty: Former Vice President of Radio Imaging for iHeartRadio & one of the most successful voices in radio imaging, Kelly continues to blaze her own trail as the Founder & CEO of The Imaging House!

Meredith Dean: Meredith is the CEO of Branding/Consulting Agency The Dean's List as well as the studio coordinator for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation's Seacrest Studio at Levine Children's Hospital.

Alyson Steele: Alyson is a globally recognized voice actor with more than twenty years of experience behind the microphone specializing in promos, radio imaging & more! Visit Alyson's website here!

Carrie Olsen: Carrie has moved up the ladder of voiceover success very quickly! Whether you're newer to vo or have been doing this for as long as you can remember, Carrie's insight will inspire you to keep moving & shaking your way to the top! Learn more about Carrie here!

Iesha Nyree: Voiceover actor, mindset coach & owner of The Voice House Agency. Iesha knows how to put the art & heart into being a voiceover artist! We couldn't be more thrilled to have her as a guest at the Voxy Summit! Learn more about Iesha here!

Rebekah Wilson: Co-Founder and owner of Source Elements. For many of us, Source Connect has been a total game changer for our voiceover businesses! Come meet the women who is responsible for this transformative & leading-edge technology for the voiceover industry!

Jenn Shull: Mindset Coach & Creator of The Bold Thing. We're excited to have Jenn hang with us & speak on Entrepreneur Envy. Comparison is inevitable we & with Jenn's insight we can find the inner balance that we're looking for & tell that green eyed monster to hit the road!

If you're still reading this blog post, I'm going to assume that you're at least interested in attending the 2019 Voxy Summit. If you're ready to snag your spot, awesome! Click here!

We're firming things up with more than 1/2 dozen more speakers & presenters, but you'll want to grab your spot soon since our conference is limited to 100 lady voices & we're filling up fast!

Can't wait to see you at the 2019 Voxy Summit!

xoxo, Lisa