We're Laughing WITH you!

  • What? Free Webinar - Laughter Yoga 101

  • When? Sunday, 4/17 @ 7pm EST

  • Where? Live via Zoom

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Laughter Yoga (LY) combines silly & fun laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques. This combination sends more oxygen to your body & brain, bringing all kinds of good vibes your way. 10 to 15 minutes of LY exercises can reduce stress, strengthen your immune system & help create a positive mindset.

But how?

You’ve heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, it turns out that it’s not just a coffee mug slogan. LY was developed based on scientific studies that show the body cannot differentiate between intentional laughter & real laughter. You get the same physiological & psychological benefits from both.

  • Laugh it up: Children laugh for absolutely no reason. As adults, we often rely on jokes, both good and bad, to induce laughter. With practice, we can regain the ability to spontaneously laugh with practices like LY.

  • Contagious chuckling: We initiate intentional laughter through exercises that promote childlike playfulness and downright silliness. This fake laughter quickly turns into real and contagious laughter that spreads through the class.

  • Breathe! Just breathe: That’s it? Sort of. The act of slow deep breathing consciously can help with various internal and external problems. That’s why we add breathing exercises throughout the class.

The Benefits of Laughter Yoga are no Joke.

  • Walking on sunshine: LY helps to change your mood within minutes by flooding your body and brain with endorphins. It works to combat anxiety and depression. Hello Happy!

  • Get your workout on: LY is like a cardio workout increasing your heart rate and blood circulation, thereby relaxing your body and mind. Burn calories? It does that too!

  • Let it go: Seriously, let it go and have a good belly laugh! LY reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. It helps you release tension and move past anxiety so healing can happen.

  • Social butterfly: Community is one of the key components to living a full life, and there is no way to feel more connected to a group than sharing a chuckle. LY breaks down interpersonal barriers fast, encouraging connection.

  • But wait! There’s more: Research has shown LY to help with everything from diabetes to insomnia.

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