VO Marketing & Heart Shaped Pizza.....

Ahhh Valentines Day! Though I don’t disagree with the popular opinion that commercialization has hi-jacked this beloved holiday in the name of corporate greed, I love it nonetheless. This year I’m giving my sweetheart a heart shaped box of beef jerky and he’s whisking me away to Gatlinburg Tennessee, for a romantic evening of putt-putt  & heart shaped pizza. What can I say, I’m a sucker for romance….and carbs.

I’m also a sucker for marketing. Good marketing. Effective marketing. And LinkedIn is my favorite online networking platform to get things done. That’s why I’m excited that my brilliant friend Noelle has agreed to share her expertise & experience of successfully navigating LinkedIn for her job as a Senior Corporate Development Specialist for NPR. Noelle is a business development expert with a Masters in Informational Science who acts as a LinkedIn trainer for NPR employees on a national level. She's super smart, super cool, and super generous to share her time & expertise with us!

What: Learn to Love LinkedIn

Where: online via Zoom

When: Wednesday 2/12 @ 7pm EST

How much: $25

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