VO Audition DUE 8/30 @ 6pm EST

Hey super talented voiceover friends!! I'm casting a few roles for an ongoing podcast we produce at Elevation Church. Below are a few specs for some new characters that will be introduced in season 12.

You can find the character sketches & audition scripts when you click here!

Also, if you want to check out the podcast to get a feel for the overall vibe, click here!

Please label your mp3 files CharacterName_YourName.mp3 and upload them to a shared dropbox folder here. This audition is due Sunday evening at 6pm EST! Thanks!!

*please note: We record as an ensemble via our remote studios. To be considered for the opportunity to join our cast, you must have a home studio that meets industry standards. I will be listening to the audio quality of your audition to determine the quality of your


Character specs:

Leo - Pre-teen sounding cat boy (Panthera) who will become a staple character for the next couple of seasons.

Glacia - Pre-teen sounding girl with an icy demeanor

TuTu - Spoiled brat princess character who turns from sugar sweet to nasty on a dime. Sometime pronounces words with “baby talk."

Hollywood - Total surfer bro (the Venice Beach type) who is actually a tiny gross alien meatball controlling a large buff robot. The voice for Hollywood needs to be played a lot like a “Michaelangelo” from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, though.

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