VO Audition due 6-19-20

We've been working on producing a family focused podcast at Elevation Church for a little over a year & are casting new voices for season 10! The sessions are recorded remotely & we'll connect with you/your home studio via Zoom to record.

The character specs are below & the scripts can be found here.

Also, click here if you want to check out the podcast & get a feel for the production.

Please label your files YourName_CharacterName.mp3 and Click here to upload your audition files to a shared DropBox Folder. THANKS!!

Submissions due by 9pm EST on Friday 6/19

Fwizz: a TreeRunner (a tribe of small mammals living in the

jungle) who doesn’t believe she is a leader

Please read her lines from episode 1, pages 1-3

King Bobbo: current leader of the Tribe Nation


Please read his lines from episode 2, pages 1-2

*Fwizz & King Bobbo are small mammals, so definitely this of something other worldly, kinda like the Ewoks from Star Wars.

Snark: a HardClaw (a tribe of upright reptiles) who wants

to be king

Please read his lines from episode 1, pages 9-11

SwiftFlyer Captain: leader of the SwiftFlyer team (male or female)

Please read his/her lines from episode 2, pages 2-3

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