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Updated: Jan 13

This year we've leveling up my 6-figure Success Strategy sessions & introducing a x's 5 session success strategy bundle which begins with an initial 120min success strategy session where we'll zero in your strengths, ignite them, and create a strategy for success that aligns with your goals for 2020 & beyond. Next, we'll follow up and follow through when we connect for x's 4 bi-weekly 60min sessions for $250 (total) when you sign up by Friday the 17th. In a nutshell, it's six hours together over the course of 8 weeks so that you get the (ongoing) one on one marketing support, continued consultation, frequent follow up, accountability, resources, etc to make 2020 your best...year...yet!

Let's team up & together to bust through 2020 like the kool-aid man!

Check out all the details here!

xo, LB

Just want to connect for a single (90min) success strategy session? Cool. Click here to connect!


In-demand Voice Over Coach + Producer

From animation studios to big-brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa Biggs has been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades.

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