Over the last month, I’ve been name dropping Eartoons by way of a few contests & giveaways we’ve held, during which a handful of voice-over demos were won. Though I’ve never formally introduced Eartoons, it’s a demo production company that I created a few years ago. Over the past two and a half years, I’ve collaborated with several producers to make 100+ voice-over demos & have even created a unique demo genre - the k12 Narration demo, of which we’ve produced dozens. Recently, one of my top producers, Sean Rogers, has moved into the role of partner, so I figured it was time for a formal introduction. Plus, we totally have a theme song. Seriously. You can rock out to it here.

Sean & I met while we were both working as voice talent on a long-term e-learning project & became fast friends. He’s a voice actor & music producer by trade whose original music has been heard on ESPN Sports Center, Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-0, Nascar & animated shows like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Superman Returns, Daniel the Tiger & Alvin & the Chipmunks. Also, he’s a super cool dude & will become a dad later this month!

You can learn all about Eartoons & even play a game on our website here. To celebrate the New Year, we’re offering 21% off of our already super reasonably priced voice-over demos when you grab a demo & use promo code HELLO21 by Friday, Jan 15th.

Happy New Year y'all! -LB

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