Meet Your Animation Demo Dream Team!

If you're reading this blog post, it's most likely because you're interested in collaborating with our two person dream team for your character voiceover demo. Cool! We love working with creative folks like you, so here is a breakdown of how that process works:

  • You & I (Lisa) will connect via Zoom for a 90 min coaching session to assess your strengths and determine what voices we should showcase.

  • I spend a week writing custom scripts for your demo with at least a dozen voices.

  • We follow that with two 60 min coaching sessions to get super familiar with your scripts and lock down the voices that will be featured.

  • Next we'll schedule & prepare for your recording session! GO TIME!

  • If you are confident and comfortable with your home studio, we can connect to record. Easy peasy. If you're still working on getting your home studio up to par, we'll book time for you at a professional studio.

  • Then I will direct you through your demo recording session just the way we've practiced.

  • Next, I'll edit down the audio from your session & send our selects to Sean who will work his production and sound design magic!

  • Upon completion of your demo we will have a 60min Success Strategy Session to develop a marketing plan.

  • One month later we connect for a 30min follow up session to keep you on the path to success!

In addition to your fully produced demo we provide:

  • Clean edits of our dry selects.

  • Your individually produced pieces.

  • A 60 sec cut-down/version of your demo to market on social media platforms like Instagram, etc.

Wow! You're still reading this, awesome! Here’s how you get started!

  • use the code SUMMERFUN so you can save 20% off your investment towards your animation demo. (available for the first 5 people who book an animation demo before July 4th)

  • You can also apply the promo code toward your 50% deposit to get this animation voiceover party started!

  • Click here to book your demo & to listen to some of our recent animation demos!

Not sure if you're ready to dive into the deep end & create an animation demo? Click here to schedule a free 15min consult with me & we'll chat!

Later gators, don't forget to wear sunscreen!

Lisa & Sean

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