KIDS Voiceover Audition DUE Thursday 5/5 @ 12pm EST

Hey friends!! We're working on casting a TV Campaign to run nationally in the US and Canada & need a few kids' voices. I can't give brand details yet & we're working out the rate with the ad agency, but because they want to record sometime around May 19th-24th, we're wrangling some reads. The specs & script are below.

The script (below) is an ad for American Red Cross that I pulled from my kids' script-library, this is just a sample script that reflects the tone/vibe they're looking for, but ultimately this is not the script/brand the spot is for : )


Kid 1 - DAUGHTER – need to ensure they have the right / no issues with pronunciation (so having an older artist who sounds like 5 y.o. could work). Age Range: 5. Female (but we could cast an older girl if she sounded young enough). A very sweet, intelligent, and sensitive little girl. She’s wise for her age, observant and curious... notices things around her, e.g. her mom looking sick. She has a heart-melting voice. You listen to her, and you get captivated instantly. Kid 2 - COACH: KID Age range: 8-10. Male. A very smart, sensitive boy. Sportive. He cares for those he loves and notices things around him, like when his coach is sick. You listen to his voice, and you can feel the emotion, the respect, and worry that he feels for his coach. Sample script for audition purposes:

When you give blood, you give another birthday party. Another day at the beach. Another night under the stars. Another talk with a friend. Another laugh. Another hug. Another chance. The American Red Cross. Please give blood. Please label your auditions YourName_TVC.mp3 & upload here to this shared Dropbox folder!