I love Cheez Its, yes I do. I love Cheez Its how 'bout you?

Last night we kick off our virtual winter voiceover workouts via Zoom! We had an amazing time doing an imaging workout with the incomparable Gabby Nistico, the girl who wrote the book on radio imaging……seriously, she like totally wrote a book.

Recently we added a commercial voiceover workout with special guest Donovan Weyland. Donovan is one of the most sought after producers in Chicago, working primarily in TV production (voiceover & sound design) on a national level. A handful of his his clients include -Nintendo, McDonalds, Disney, Walgreens, Honda, Hallmark, Best Buy, Warner Brothers, and my personal favorite Cheez Its. Seriously, I freakin’ LOVE Cheez Its y’all. BONUS: he’s just a really nice dude. The entire workout schedule is below, check it out & use promo code cheezits to save $25 when you RSVP here!

Virtual Voiceover Workouts take place via Zoom! URL is distributed via email upon registration. Each workout (sans the workouts featuring guest directors) is followed up with a 30min one on one recording session. Wanna hear what that sounds like? Click here!

SOLD OUT Monday, 1/20 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: Radio Imaging w/guest director Gabby Nistico

Monday, 1/27 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: TV Promo & Network Affiliate w/guest director Gabby Nistico

JUST ADDED!! Wednesday, 1/29 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: Voiceover for Commercials w/guest director Donovan Weyland

Monday, 2/3 ~ 8-10:pm EST: ABCDe-learning: K12 Narration & E-learning for "little ears"

Monday, 2/10 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: TV Promo VO for Children's Entertainment Networks

Monday, 2/17 ~ 8-10:30pm EST:  Voices for Talking Toys & Game/Toy Commercial Advertising

Monday, 2/24 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: Animation & Character Voiceover

Monday, 3/2 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: Primetime TV Promo VO w/special guest Gabby Nistico

Monday, 3/9 ~ 8-10:30pm EST: ABCDe-learning: K12 Narration & E-learning for "little ears"


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