Sat, Nov 13 | online via Zoom!!

Book Your "Big Girl" Voice

Book Your "Big Girl" Voice

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Nov 13, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST
online via Zoom!!

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"Is that your real voice?" Man, if I had $1 for every time someone asked me that question, I'd be a gazillionaire. Having a little voice prompted me to explore voiceover 20+ years ago, but range & adaptability are what's given me staying power.

Versatility is the secret weapon for bookability in voiceover. If you have a younger sound or "little voice", that's likely what started you on your VO  journey & may even be your biggest booker. That being said, a variety & vast range of voices will take you farther than you've ever imagined by broadening the horizon of opportunities that can't wait to come your way!


  • Practice vocal techniques designed to adjust the existing resonant qualities within your natural voice
  • Adjust your physicality to increase your range
  • Fully develop a vocal avatar to anchor you in your performance
  • Boost your "big girl" voice confidence so your characters become fully developed
  • Discover ways to market your "big girl" voice and start booking!
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