Say hello to MY LITTLE VOICE.

People gave Lisa a hard time about her "squeaky" voice since she was a kid. After giving an oral presentation as a sophomore in college, she was approached by a professor who said, "Your presentation was great, but if anyone is ever going to take you seriously in the real world you're going to have to do something about your voice”. And that’s exactly what Lisa did.


Now, she is a full-time professional voice over actor -

who's been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades! From animation studios to big brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa’s voice is in demand for A-list clients around the world. Hear her in promos for network and streaming shows and catch her voicing dozens of characters in shows for Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network! Walk through any toy aisle and hug, pet or look slightly sideways at those furry robots, and you're sure to hear Lisa's giggles, meows and roars - she's voiced hundreds of toys for manufacturers like Fisher Price & Hasbro.

When Lisa isn't behind the microphone, she likes grabbing queso with friends, snuggling with her two dogs, Banjo & Ziggy and volunteering for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.


Characters and creature sounds, babies, animals, kids, teens and everything in between... From network shows to online series, Lisa's voice shines across animation -  giggling as Wonderheart Bear for American Greetings or ho-humming as Charlie Brown in the Peanuts franchise. She's versatile, creative and completely FUN - Hear Lisa in Nickelodeon's Becca's Bunch and throughout Badanamu Cadets! 


Hear Lisa in National TV promos for Ion Television, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network ++ She'll draw in your intended audience and connect directly with show messaging to kids of all ages. Fast turnaround and top quality audio!


Lisa is one of the most experienced and adored “little boy” voices in the industry. Liam, her signature boy sound, can be heard across network promos and animation, national commercials, video games, and even text to speech! His sound is engaging, conversational, and completely book-able.

   TOY VOICES         

From Leap Frog to Mattel, Lisa's voice has been on shelves and under trees for years - as BeatBelle, the sassy new addition to the Brite Beats collection from Fisher Price, as over 20 of Hasbro's Furreal Friends including Starlily My Magical Unicorn, Torch My Blazin' Dragon, Roarin' Tyler, the Playful TigerCuddles My Giggly Monkey, Munchin' Rex AND SO MANY MORE ++ Adding some magic to the fairy wands & pixie houses for Of Dragons Fairies & Wizards, and bringing to life the entire Zoomer Meowzies collection from Spin Master - Lisa delivers complete toy voice packaging to top brands around the world!


This isn't the radio voice you're used to. It's something completely different - and your listeners will pay attention! Lisa's imaging sound is quirky, dynamic, modern and totally bank-able.


In-demand Voice Over Coach + Producer

From animation studios to big-brand ad agencies and toy makers, Lisa Biggs has been lending her unique and memorable sound to national campaigns and global brands for nearly two decades.

+1 (310) 388-7886


 ISDN  704-364-4103 // 4104 

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